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Conducting polymer textiles for wearable health monitoring technologies

by E. Ismailova (Centre Microélectronique de Provence, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne, 880 route de Mimet, 13541 Gardanne, France)

Dec 17, 2014 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Where Sala riunioni, I piano, viale Berti Pichat 6/2

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This talk will summarize the work that has been done in development of conducting polymer textiles for wearable health monitoring. In particular, we have developed an original patterning technique which allows for the integration of conducting polymer directly on existing garments. We have assessed the capacity of conducting polymers to homogenously integrate textiles platforms providing fully plastic and electronic systems. We run a series of collaborative studies that have showed the performance of polymers coated textiles in electrophysiological recordings of the heart rhythms and the motor evoked potentials. The signal processing demonstrated that organic conducting textiles electrodes outperform conventional medical electrodes in recording of physiological events in dynamic conditions. This study reveals the untapped potential of organic conducting materials in biomedical monitoring systems by merging them with wearable textile technology in order to provide low cost solutions in interfacing smart electronic devices with the human body.