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Gravity in the brane: the geometric deformation

by Dr. Jorge Ovalle (Universidad Simón Bolívar)

Jul 15, 2014 from 03:30 PM to 05:00 PM

Where Aula Teorici - Via Irnerio 46

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In the context of the Randall-Sundrum braneworld, we explain in details the Minimal Geometric Deformation approach (MGD), which has been useful in the study of self gravitating stellar system. This approach has allowed one, among other things, to generate physically acceptable interior solutions for stellar systems, to solve the tidally charged exterior geometry in terms of the Arnowitt-Deser-Misner mass and to study (micro)black hole solutions, as well as to help to elucidate the role of exterior Weyl stresses from bulk gravitons on compact stellar distributions and the behavior of black string models with variable brane tension.