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Higgs boson: from discovery to precision measurements (II part)

by Dr. Saverio D'Auria (University of Glasgow)

Mar 03, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Where Sala riunioni, I piano, via Irnerio 46

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This series of seminars will start with a pedagogical introduction to the theory of the higgs boson interactions, focusing on the topics that are most relevant to experiments  like cross sections and decay channels and rates in the standard model, couplings and their parametrisation. 
We'll quickly move to more experimental aspects with a stroll through the main Monte Carlo generators used by Atlas and CMS. Photons, leptons and jets will  be assumed to be familiar concepts from the experimental point of view. After a short presentation of the advanced statistical tools we'll move to a pedagogical  summary of the discovery analyses, to a presentation of the limits of the unobserved decay and production modes and a summary of the present status of  knowledge of the Higgs boson, its mass and spin and its couplings to fermions and bosons. 
The final part will be dedicated to prospects for Run-II and High-Luminosity LHC, as well as future facilities (ILC, FCC).  
Slides will mostly used for the review of experimental results, while lecture notes will be available for the introduction.