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Inflation from scale-invariant gravity

by Dr. Massimiliano Rinaldi (Universita' di Trento)

Dec 09, 2014 from 03:00 PM to 04:30 PM

Where Aula Teorici - Irnerio

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The recent data from the BICEP2 collaboration, although still under scrutiny, seem to indicate the possibility of a non-negligible production of gravitational waves during inflation. If this will be confirmed by future analysis, we will probably be forced to review some of the most successful models of inflation such as the Starobinsky one. Motivated by this possibility, we have asked what is the functional form of f(R) gravity that best fits the current data. The surprising result is a simple quadratic, scale-invariant form with small corrections. I will show how we found these results and also that the deviations form the quadratic form can be explained by one-loop corrections.