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Is Civilization without Science Possible?: A Science and Technology Policy Perspective

by Prof. Namik Kemal Pak (Physics Department, Middle East Technical University, Department of Physics- Former President of TUBITAK-CNR Turco)

Sep 19, 2013 from 03:00 PM to 04:15 PM

Where Aula Teorici - Irnerio

Contact Name Dr. Gian Paolo Vacca

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Abstract: Science is a system of knowledge about nature  based on repeatable observation and experiment. It  was invented some 2500 years ago in the agean basin. It re-entered in  the cultures with the present understanding only recently with  the scientific revolution. The revolutionary new element is  “creation of new knowledge through R&D”. Countries of Western Europe which were involved with this  revolution directly  prospered dramatically. Some other great powers of the time  like the ottoman Empire which for some strange resaon closed all the communincation channels against it declined and fell.It is by now clear that Science is the only truly uniting bond of all humanity and  is the source of all welfare of the societies.
STP emerged as a polıcy tool at the end of WW2 and evolved as an Academic Discipline in mid 50’s. Early policies were establishment and strengthening of  R &D infrastcructure and hu man resources development.The need for redesigned S&T policies became apparent after two consecutive oil crises in the 70’s, with efforts to this end gaining impetus world-wide after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and emerging new challenges brought along by the ICT revolution.
Perhaps the most important industrial revolution in the history of civilization is the ICT revolution which had tremendous effect in the creation of Information Society (later knowledge society). This revolution is the direct consequence of the quantum physics and quantum technologies. It is estimated that we owe at least the 50 % of the present wealth of the world to the quantum theory of electron. Thus those gowenments which develop sound STP’s   to strenghten the role of Science S in Innovation system trigger rapid economic development and competitive advantage in the global markets.