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Multiwavelength signatures of AGN feedback in local AGN

by Chiara Feruglio (Institut de Radioastronomie Millimetrique, Grenoble, FR)

May 06, 2013 from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM

Where Seminars' room, floor -1, via Ranzani 1

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Observational evidence is mounting nowadays for AGN acting on the ISM
(molecular and atomic) of its host galaxy on large scales, including
the regions of star formation, and, through this, affecting the
evolution and the transformation of the host galaxy.  AGN-driven
massive outflows have been seen in the molecular gas component in
several local QSOs/ULIRGs, and they start to be found in a few high
redshift QSOs. These observational results show that massive outflows
can invest the bulk of the gas in galaxies on scales of kiloparsecs,
supporting models of AGN and galaxy co-evolution through
AGN-feedback. Massive molecular outflows are therefore regarded as the
long sought mechanism leading to the formation of red passive
galaxies, deprived of gas.  In this framework, I will present recent
results about the massive outflows found in Mrk231 and in NGC6240, two
nearby ULIRGs and mergers, hosting powerful AGN.  I will show how the
tracers of massive outflows, the signatures of AGN feedback, are seen
across the spectrum, from the radio to the X-ray domain.