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Placing obscured AGN in the merging sequence: perspectives for IR and mm observations

by Marcella Brusa (University of Bologna)

Feb 21, 2013 from 02:00 PM to 04:30 PM

Where Seminars' room, floor -1, via Ranzani 1

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Over the last few years, the existence of mutual feedback effects between
accreting supermassive black holes powering AGN and star formation in their
host galaxies has become evident.  As a consequence, the search for, and
the characterization of the evolutive and physical properties of
(obscured) AGN over a large redshift interval is a key topic of present
research in the field of observational cosmology.
Significant advances have been obtained in the last ten years thanks to the
sizable number of XMM-Newton and Chandra surveys, complemented by
multi-wavelength follow-up programs. After a brief review on how and why
X-ray surveys are critical in studying and characterizing AGN, I will
focus on the most recent results on AGN-galaxy co-evolution and in
particular on observed AGN and galaxy properties. I will also present the
science cases for observations at longer wavelengths and show how these
new data may be useful to discriminate among different models of AGN
triggering towards a better understanding of the co-eval AGN-galaxy

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