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Probing the Epoch of Reionization with the 21cm line: latest results from PAPER

by Dr. Gianni Bernardi (SKA South Africa)

Mar 30, 2015 from 02:30 PM to 04:30 PM

Where IRA meeting room (4th floor, CNR research area, via Gobetti 101)

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Understanding the birth of the first luminous structures (stars, galaxies) and the thermal history of the intergalactic medium is one of the major milestones of observational and theoretical cosmology. Although optical observations of high redshift galaxies and the cosmic microwave background have started to provide probes of the Epoch of Reionization, the redshifted HI 21cm line is still considered the most promising observable of the birth of the first luminous structures. I will review the current status of 21cm line observations, particularly describing the latest results from the Precision Array to Probe the Epoch of Reionization (PAPER).

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