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Statistical study of radio-loud AGNs with X-ray and M87 jet base study by new imaging technique with VLBI

by Dr. Fumie Tazaki (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

Jan 19, 2015 from 02:30 PM to 04:00 PM

Where IRA meeting room (4th floor, CNR research area, via Gobetti 101)

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I will review our two studies of active galactic nuclei (AGNs), (1) a statistical study of 23 radio-loud AGNs at z < 0.2 by using X-ray satellites, and (2) a detailed study of the jet base in a radio galaxy (M87) from super-resolved images of VLBA. In the former study (Tazaki, PhD thesis), we uniformly analyzed the broad-band spectra of the radio-loud AGNs in 0.5-195 keV band, and decomposed them into the direct continuum from the central engine and reflection components from the torus and the accretion disk. From the narrow iron-Kalpha line analysis, which is almost emitted from the torus, we know that the relative line luminosity to the hard X-ray luminosity is consistent with the results of radio-quiet AGNs within factor of ~2. In the latter (Tazaki et al. in prep), we developed a new imaging technique of VLBI, and applied it to the real VLBI data for the first time. The obtained images show clear structures of limb-brightened jets and weak counter-jets. These features are spatially resolved by a factor of > 2 compared to the beam size.