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The AMS-02 Experiment: Recent Results and Dark Matter Search Perspectives

by Dott. Nicolò Masi (Università di Bologna & INFN)

Jun 11, 2014 from 03:00 PM to 04:30 PM

Where Sala Riunioni al II piano dello IASF

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AMS-02 is running since three years: a powerful apparatus for dark matter searches has been set-up, in order to study the important antiparticle to particle ratios and cosmic leptons and nuclei spectra, up to the TeV scale. The first official paper was published the 5th of April 2013, on the positron fraction rate: new ones dedicated to hadronic/nuclei physics are coming soon. The unprecedented precision of AMS-02 data permits to reduce astrophysical uncertainties for CR propagation, allowing to corroborate or falsify present DM theories and to explore the TeV-ish dark matter scenario opportunities.

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