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Using localization in holography

by Prof. Kostantin Zarembo (Nordita, Istituto Reale, Stoccolma)

Dec 02, 2013 from 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM

Where Sala Riunioni, via Irnerio, 46

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Directly confronting predictions of holography with underlying quantum field theory is a difficult task that requires non-perturbative calculations at strong coupling on the field theory side.

For N=4 super-Yang-Mills dual to strings on AdS(5)xS(5), an impressive progress has been made due to integrability and, which perhaps is less known, localization.

Localization is a way to compute path integral directly, and can be applied to the N=4 case, as well as to N=2 theories, this way permitting one to test holographic duality for massive deformations of the usual AdS/CFT setup, for instance for N=2* theory.

I will describe holographic uses of localization, as well as some peculiar features of the N=2* holography, such as quantum phase transitions at finite coupling and dimensional crossover at strong coupling.